Melanie Wise Consulting - Marketing Demand GenerationMelanie Wise Consulting - Marketing Demand Generation

  Advertising & Advertorial - Advertising is a way to get noticed through traditional and non traditional means by providing inform about products or services to persuade purchases. An advertorial is an editorial that looks like a news story.

BMC Print Advertrising

Three Full-Page Ads to Entice Readers to Learn More about Managing your Mainframe Environment

Melanie worked with internal marketing teams and external vendors on design, content, and editing to communicate messaging on how BMC’s Mainview is the most powerful tool to detect, isolate, and fix critical mainframe problems.

Postillion Print Advertising

Print Advertising for New Target Audience

Melanie negotiated magazine space, provided copy, and worked with the design team on layout to match the company’s branding. The ad was used to generate awareness and drive people to the landing page to learn more about Postilion’s innovative self-service solutions for credit unions.

Xplore Technologies Print Advertising

"Think This Guy is Tough" Ad

Melanie concepted and work with designers and writers to communicate how Xplore Technologies’ rugged tablet PC computers can withstand any obstacles that comes their way.

BMC Advertorial

Advertorial to Educate Mainframe Users on Comprehensive Workload Automation Solutions

Melanie worked with magazine writers and the marketing team to develop a story to educate readers on the importance of vital solutions to manage information and automate workflow.

Melanie Wise Consulting

Melanie Wise Consulting
Distributed Business Service Management (BSM) Business Unit
Two Different Banner Ads for the Distributed Business Service Management (BSM) Business Unit

Melanie supported the messaging and production of banner ads with the marketing team, design agency, and online media placement agency with the offers including a white paper and Web TV.

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