Melanie Wise Consulting - Marketing Demand GenerationMelanie Wise Consulting - Marketing Demand Generation

  Newsletters - Are an effective communication tool to your company’s current customer install base. Making them aware of new products to market, customer testimonials, press releases, white papers, and events is vital to keeping your customers interested and informed.

Postilion (PDF)

Community News You Can Use Featuring Company News, Product Updates, Events, and Press Releases

Melanie’s role with the Postilion publication, dedicated exclusively to Community Financial Institutions, included topic selection(s), collaborating with product managers, writing, editing, working with the design team, publicizing, and tracking readership results.


Quarterly eZines Featuring Special Offers, Product Tips and Tricks, Featured Articles, and Events

Melanie was responsible for interviewing product managers for product tips and tricks, writing articles, announcing upcoming events, metrics reporting, and finding relevant industry articles. She collaborated with marketing senior management, web project managers, and outside design firms.

Xplore Newsletter

Xplore (PDF)

Xplore the Xtreme X-Chronicles Featuring Product Updates, Events, Customer Questions, and Case Studies

Melanie worked with the marketing, product marketing, sales, and engineers to come up with interesting articles for the publication. We provided product and company updates, addressed customer questions, and stressed the importance of communication with customers and value added resellers.

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